Current Obsession: Ninja Royale

Available for both iPhone and Droid, Ninja Royale is a highly addictive RPG action game from Mobage.

What’s so awesome about Ninja Royale?

The game is very well designed, with cute graphics, a solid soundtrack and a mix of action and strategy styles of play.

One of the most impressive parts of the game is its scalability in terms of what level gamer you are. In one way, Ninja Royale is simple enough that someone who’s never played an RPG in her life can pick up the game and just start playing (lol ya noob!). If you get deeper into the strategy, though, you’ll find that Ninja Royale is also sophisticated enough to hold the attention of even serious gamers.

Is Ninja Royale free?

You certainly can enjoy the game and build a decent character without spending a cent, but if you’re one of those ultra-competitive types who wants to dominate the leaderboard, be ready to pry open your Google Wallet.

To get the highest scores and the best gear, you definitely need to shell out some cash. Depending on how obsessive you are, it wouldn’t be hard to drop hundreds of dollars on this game.

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